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We provide a variety of Non-Destructive inspection services, including pressure vessels, atmospheric tanks for storage (gas, fuel, acid, and others), welded joints in steel and HDPE pipes, air coolers, heat exchangers and boilers, structures, marine and offshore facilities, bridges and buildings. We also provide inspections of mobile units used for transporting fuels, gas, heavy machinery, crushers, railway lines, mobile cranes, truck cranes and all kinds of hoist systems.

Alternating Current Field Measurement

Advanced electromagnetic inspection systems of multiple technologies, including Eddy Current, MFl. NFT, and RFT for the fabrication and in-service inspection of such units as air conditioners, heat exchangers, boilers, and super heaters are commonly used. Alternating Current Field
Method of measurements (ACFM) is also used to support the petrochemical sector.

The digital data obtained can be easily handled, which permits fast data processing using specific and proprietary software to maintain constant follow-up and comparison throughout the integrity status time and remaining life of the inspected units.